The Powerful Art of Giving Thanks: How to Master A Daily Gratitude Practice

As we head into the holiday season, there is a heightened focus that surrounds giving thanks and showing gratitude towards the people who brings so much joy into our lives. And while there's so much good to be said for taking time to pause and appreciate life's blessings during this festive time of year, it's also a reminder that the art of gratitude is one that can--and should--be practiced in daily life, long after the holiday decor is tucked back in the attic.

In fact, countless research studies have shown that a regular gratitude practice is scientifically proven to boost your well-being-- and the well-being of the recipient on the receiving end of all that gratefulness. Committing to a daily gratitude practice is committing to a self care and mental health routine that is proven to make you a happier person. Plus, it's one that can be accomplished in less than one minute a day, doesn't cost a dime, and you can start right now.

For many, Thanksgiving is a beautiful day centered on a house full of family, tables full of food, and bellies stuffed to the brim. In other words, you don't have to search too hard to find something to be grateful for-- and yes the butternut squash soufflé and cheesy whipped potatoes definitely count. It's a day we celebrate the art of giving thanks and the mood-boosting, heart-fueling goodness that comes with it. This year we challenge you to allow Thanksgiving to serve as the first day of a new daily gratitude ritual, and below we dive into the insanely simple ways you can make gratitude part of your daily life.  

Read on to learn about the art of gratitude and how to master a simple and insanely impactful daily gratitude practice that will make you a happier person. 

Gratitude Comes in Many Forms 

There's no right or wrong way to go about showing gratitude. The concept is simple: take a moment to share a nod of appreciation towards someone in your life that has had a positive impact, no matter how large or small that may have been. For some, that comes in the form of thank you cards that recognize the generosity or thoughtfulness of someone's kindness, for other's its a note "just because", reminding someone they are loved and appreciated.

We're a sucker for a hand written note-- hence the newest Happy Notes Notecards, which stock you with a cheerful saying to share a 'happy note' with someone for any occasion. However, a text, phone call, or face-to-face toast, can garner the same mood-boosting results for both the gratitude sender and recipient. A phone call to grandma or your bestie to say hello and tell them "I love you"; a text to a classmate or colleague to thank them for supporting you or making you smile; heck even a simple smile and intentional "thank you" to show your appreciation for the barista who served you your morning coffee, or waiter who brought a positive energy to your dining experience. There are so many insanely simple ways to show gratitude and they all deliver the same uplifting, positive impact to both parties involved. 

 Maintaining a Consistent Gratitude Attitude 

The trick to creating a new habit that becomes part of your regular daily routine lies in consistency. Establishing a gratitude attitude that is engrained into your daily thinking requires that you find a practice that seamlessly fits into your life. For example, if you're someone who spends ample time driving to and from work each day, a daily phone call to check in with someone you love could be an easy act to integrate into your morning or evening drive. For others, it might be a few minutes at lunch to send a loving text, and others may have beautiful new stationary and enjoy a regular "happy note" or love letter to show that appreciation. The key is finding a practice you can stick with every week, so you continue to sprinkle that gratitude magic and jive off the happiness that results.

The Impact of a Daily Happy Note  


The Happy Notes Book brand was first designed as a way to simplify gratitude journaling from traditionally overly prompted pages or intimidating blank lines, into short form notes practice that was quick, easy, and approachable. From the initial development of the original Happy Notes Book gratitude journal, the idea of paying the joy forward was imperative. This is precisely why every Happy Notes Book gratitude journal comes tucked with a stamped envelope. Inside the envelope is a note from me, Lindsay, that speaks to the impact of sharing joy with others, along with a blank "happy note" card that you can fill out and mail to a friend. This special pay-it-forward touch is one that packs mega mood-boosting results. 

The intentions are that the included "happy note" and stamped envelope make it inexcusably convenient for you to practice gratitude and share happiness with a friend. We aimed to take away all the typical excuses of needing a stamp, or a card, or fill-in-excuse-here, and armed you with everything you need to share happiness. The overwhelmingly positive response to this surprise-and-delight element of the Happy Notes Book is also what inspired the Happy Notes Book notecards collections. The Happy Notes Book notecards come as both mini insert sized cards, that are perfect for tucking into a gift or lunchbox, and larger mailable cards fit for any occasion. Both notecard sets come in packs of 8 cards and envelopes and serve as fun, easy, and (dare we say) beautifully chic ways to share gratitude. 

Whether you're jumping on the 'happy notes' bandwagon or finding your own way to prioritize a daily gratitude practice, we hope this article inspires you to continue sharing gratitude each and every day. So while many of us sit around full tables of family, friends, and food to celebrate Thanksgiving, let this serve as a beautiful reminder for the joy that comes from giving thanks. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are grateful for you, and your commitment to helping to bring an extra dose of happiness and appreciation to those around you.